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Recent Experience Autism® Events

JUNE, 2018

Our Experience Autism® team will be in Omaha NE, bringing Experience Autism to 50 local officers. We’ll bridge the gap with the autism community by immediately following the officer training with a BE SAFE Interactive Movie Screening, pairing trained officers with youth with autism to learn from one another and learn to be safe together.  Contact us to learn more about this event sponsored by Autism Action Partnership.

MARCH, 2018

Our Experience Autism® team did a mini-Experience Autism for 15 Los Angeles Police Department officers. The officer training was followed immediately with a BE SAFE Interactive Movie Screening, pairing trained officers with youth with autism to learn from one another and learn to be safe together. One officer said it was the most impactful training of his 15-year career! Click here to see the video from this event sponsored by Fantastic Friends San Fernando Valley


Our Experience Autism® team designed a multifaceted training package for the Alamo Area Council of Governments in San Antonio, Texas. Click here to learn more about this model program.

FEBRUARY 22, 2016

Our Experience Autism® team trained more than 50 officers from eleven different law enforcement agencies on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Plymouth County Sheriff John McDonald opened the day by explaining his personal connection to the autism community and the relevance of training to meet the needs of individuals on the spectrum. We ramped up our Chaos simulation so that officers could feel what sensory overload is all about, then identify ways to manage stressors during contact. Lt. John Sullivan, who has a son on the spectrum, said that the training gave his fellow officers authentic insight into autism, and helped them discover ways to respond effectively during any kind of interaction. Thanks to organizer Laurie Fusco Hammond, chief sponsor Atlantis Sports Clubs, all our volunteers, and all of the officers who learned to recognize and respond to those with ASD through Experience Autis® Many thanks to Chief Michael Miksch of Hammond Police Department, Plymouth Police Chief Michael Botieri, Liisa Budge-Johnson, and Assistant Superintendant Jim Muscato of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department for your help facilitating this great event!

JUNE 10-11 2015

Our Experience Autism® team trained more than 100 officers from Burbank Police Department through engaging, hands-on activities. Captain Michael Albanese stressed the relevance of the training and the goal of improving outcomes during contact with the growing population of people with ASD. Officer Sean Toth, who has daughter on the spectrum, asked fellow officers to take the training to heart and learn ways to respond effectively to this special population.


MARCH 3, 2015

Experience Autism® Hollywood: Sixty Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers participated in Experience Autism® at Hollywood City Hall. Sponsored by the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council and the Autism Society of Los Angeles. Captain Peter Zarcone, who has a family member with ASD, stressed that the Experience Autism® training is critical to prepare officers for encounters with individuals on the spectrum.


JANUARY 30, 2015

School security officers joined Inglewood Police officers to experience the features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in an engaging morning of activities. One officer summed up the impact of Experience Autism® saying, “I learned a lot about ASD. The training was wonderful.”

OCTOBER 9, 2014

Mission Possible is a wonderful safety experience for police officers, deputies, and the autism community. Officers Experience Autism,® trying hands-on activities designed by BE SAFE creator Emily Iland. The simulations help officers understand different features of autism. Next, 100 local students arrive and each officer is paired with a student.

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